telehealth-medTelehealth solutions use state-of-the-art, real-time audio and video, “telepresence” technologies to solve problems and save lives. Whether you want to connect surgeons and physicians with patients, medical students with educators, or healthcare administrators with procedures in their facilities, customized Dream Systems telehealth solutions can make that connection.

For example, using a telehealth technology approach called “surgical presence,” a renowned heart specialist could scrub in virtually on three cardiac procedures in three different time zones in a single day, via a secure computer network in real time, with audio and video aligned precisely.  Depending on the legalities, the session could connect to medical schools, other locations or other surgeons for teaching and consultation. In addition, hospitals can record procedures to help administrators develop safety and efficiency improvements.

Telehealth solutions can:

• connect local family practice practitioners and their patients with worldclass medical expertise via real-time, virtual consultations
• create lifesaving connections via something as simple as a laptop with medical scopes attached, or as complex as a hospital-wide telehealth system installed during construction
• help reduce the risk of medical errors and malpractice actions by creating a high definition (HD) record of procedures for review

Contact Dream Systems Healthcare Division to learn how to maximize the collective intelligence of your healthcare organization using customized telehealth solutions.