Telehealth International

Telehealth InternationalDream Systems is a global leader in Telehealth International solutions. We offer expert, front-end consulting services for healthcare organizations that are exploring the possibilities in the international healthcare market. Once an organization is ready to establish a global presence, Dream Systems can design, implement, and support a customized Telehealth International solution based on the organization’s specific budget, needs, and goals.  Our Telehealth International solutions help healthcare organizations in the United States maximize market share and profits in the global marketplace.

U.S. hospitals use Telehealth International solutions to provide pre-operative and post-operative monitoring, consultations, collaborations, and care to international patients, physicians, and healthcare organizations. Having access to state-of-the-art telehealth technologies increases peace of mind, comfort, and safety for foreign-based patients who choose to have surgery in the U.S. For example, upon discharge from the U.S. hospital, an international patient could return home with a Telehealth International laptop with global wireless connection to be used over a designated recovery period. The laptop would be equipped with the telemonitoring tools needed to collect vital patient data daily or weekly, monitor recovery, and provide virtual, face-to-face video consulting with a healthcare provider. Since the U.S. offers world-class medical specialists, state-of-theart healthcare facilities, and leading-edge diagnostic and treatment technologies, it is a preferred destination for affluent, international patients who self-pay for surgeries. Healthcare organizations with Telehealth

International capabilities can:

• effectively market their services overseas
• building the foundation for a new and potentially lucrative revenue stream
• connect multiple healthcare facilities dispersed globally
• facilitate cost-effective, real-time collaboration throughout a global network of specialists, administrators, and staff

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