Our Story: Helping Those Who Help Others

Terriance MoodyDream Systems founder Terriance Moody is a Mobile, Alabama native who earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Tuskegee University. Moody attended engineering graduate school and focused in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems. While his past had been centered in the Southeastern United States, his future course was determined, in part, by a devastating disease centered a world away in Central and South America. Moody’s wife, a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, was researching Chagas disease, an illness spread by insects. The disease, which is caused by Trypanosoma cruzi, a parasite, is one of the major health problems in South America. Due to immigration and international travel, Chagas disease also affects people in the U.S. Left undiagnosed and untreated, Chagas disease can lead to severe digestive and cardiac problems; including abnormal heart rhythms that may cause sudden death.

As Moody talked to his wife about her research, he started to realize that education was the key to preventing Chagas disease. By focusing on insect control with insecticides, people who lived in areas with high insect populations could help control the spread of the disease. The challenge for public health professionals was getting this potentially life-saving information to the people who needed it.

“Learning about Chagas disease sparked the idea that became Dream Systems,” Moody says. “I kept thinking about how people could survive if only they had the information they needed. I knew that the technology existed to make that dream a reality not just for people at high-risk for Chagas disease, but for all indivniduals, communities, or organizations with health problems located miles or even worlds away from the experts who could help them".

At the time, Moody was conducting research for NASA projects, which involved international space station-to-earth collaborations using virtual technologies. He realized that the communications tools linking earth and sky could be adapted to help disseminate life-saving health information worldwide.

“All engineers are problem-solvers, but the best engineers are those who are passionate about the problems they are solving,” Moody adds. “I wanted to create a company with a culture of caring; a company where success is measured by how we help others through engineering.” Moody chose to name his new company Dream Systems to honor the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who dream about what could be achieved if people in need were connected to the help, expertise and information they require. Today, Moody’s company creates dream solutions each day for healthcare organizations, as well as for business, industry, and other clients. Yet while healthcare no longer is Dream Systems’ sole focus, it remains the core mission for Moody and his team of talented, passionate problem-solvers.

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“The possibilities of what Dream Systems can do to facilitate global communication is limitless,” Moody explains. “Yet, we will never lose sight of where the dream began, and of how our solutions can be used to help save lives.”